Sunday, March 14, 2010

Working out at home blows.

I'm back at Crossfit.

There isn't an inch of me that isn't sore. Even my fingers from gripping the bar.

I started Friday before last. My workout yesterday was A 500m Row, then: 5 rounds of 10 Deadlifts @115, 10 Kettlebell Swings 1 Pood, 10 GHD situps, then a 500m Row. I did it in 21:23.

Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. Maybe some Cleans and Pushups?


Thursday, February 25, 2010

My hubby persuaded me to wait on the P90X and do the Insanity set with him now. So okay, whatever. So far so good. I find it interesting that its only been a week and yet I see a return of my shoulder and leg definition.

Hooray. I'm tired.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I've taken it easy. The workout last Monday was too much for my body. :(
TMI and such but I have bled alot and bright red since then. I suppose all the jumping and bouncing has jarred my uterus. And here though, is my dilema:

I am having a hard time dragging myself from my house to make it to the gym. The gym I prefer doesn't have a daycare, the gym that has a daycare won't take her until she's two months old. Sigh...

So, I'm just going to break out the P90X DVDs and start those, its better than doing nothing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My head hurts

F*n burbees....

A scaled WOD:

3 rounds

15 push presses
10 burpess
25 box jumps

And I'm ready for bed now.

Friday, January 22, 2010

OMG So sore

So my Wednesday workout prompted the long forgotten "Crossfit Sore" where the crease of my ass hurts. For realz. Its been awhile (obviously) since I've done such deep squats. What a great feeling!

I didn't go to the gym yesterday, I took Veronika for a walk instead because it was such a beautiful day out. She could've cared less, she slept the whole time. Then in the evening Darrell took over baby duty and sent me to bed at 7:30. It was fabulous! I think I got more sleep last night than I have all week.

Today I'm supposed to go for a walk with the neighbor and then go to a Hail and Farewell tonight, so its technically a rest day. Since all I did was walk yesterday I'm going to make Saturday a gym day and do the run/squat/pushup wod. (WOD = Workout of the Day)

Sunday I'm going to try to wake up early and go for a bike ride. We have a commander's reception at 2:3o we have to go to.

You know, I thought that by having a child I would be able to get out of going to Hail and Farewells and Receptions. But hell no, they say children are invited. WTF? Thats bullshit man. BOOOOO.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


It seems my workout "plan" for yesterday was very ambitious for my postpartum body. Heh.

I did:

Set 1: 10 Thursters, 10 Pushups
Set 2: 8 Thursters, 10 Pushups
Set 3: 8 Front Squats, 8 Pushups
Set 4: 8 Front Squats, 8 Pushups
Set 5: 10 Thursters, and I can't remember if I did pushups, prolly not...

7 minutes on the treadmill (tried to run but my legs were fried from the workout above)
10 minutes on StairMill

Attempted the Sauna but it was closed :(

I'm sleepy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm going Paleo

This week I am cutting out sugars. In a month I am cutting out white starches, two weeks after that I am cutting out brown starches. And at some point, I will think about limiting my dairy but I'm a woman and I need calcium damnit.

I want to look like the women in Muscle and Fitness Hers and I've got to get my diet under control.

I am back to my pre-fit weight, I'm about 12 pounds from that weight and its going to take alot of work to get back.

I'm going to partion my big goals into weeks, so:

Wednesday 1/20 to Wednesday 1/27

No sugars, no cigars (its a shame, I love CAO's Soprano cigar. Its fabulous), no alcohol :(
Workout at HIIT Wednesday, Thursday
Rest (possible bike ride) Friday, Saturday
Workout at HIIT Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Rest Wednesday

Tonight's workout is going to be:
Either 7 rounds or as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
10 Thrusters/10 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls at 45 (save the 65 pounds for when I'm sure my uterus won't fall out of my vagina)
30-45 minutes on the StairMill

4 rounds
400m run
50 squats
25 pushups


Saturday 15 mile bike ride at easy pace

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
I don't know yet :D


Smoke a Soprano
Enjoy life

Start the cycle again