Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm doing good! I slip a little here and there. Nothing too big or unmanageable. I still feel full and satisfied. I need to exercise more. I was at the gym Monday morning at 5:00 AM (back, 20 min cardio), skipped Tuesday, 5:00 AM this morning (legs and 40 mins cardio). Tomorrow I will do remedial PT with Darrell (he beats them up and I kinda like the feeling of pushing myself so hard I'm going to vomit). I like going because its like those cardio bootcamps. Awesome.

Yesterday I had: 8AM-Bowl of veggie soup & a muscle milk pudding cup.
11AM-I can't remember ?????
2PM- Crab Salad with lemon juice, crackers, water
6PM-Pork Tenderloin stew, one roll. Water.

4:45 AM- Protein Shake
8AM- Oat bran with blueberries, eggs with spinach
11AM-Pork Tenderloin Stew, water, vitamins, cup of chocpeppermint soy milk heated.
2PM- cottage cheese and apple, green tea
4:30-Clif Bar (I'll be on my way home)

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