Friday, January 25, 2008

As my pants get tighter...

I've added on some winter weight. Although not large by any stretch of the imagination, I need something that'll keep me honest. I usually like blogging but I want to do it on my own, without friends or a contest. So this is all me. It will serve as both my fitness and diet journal. I may even occasionally post progress pictures.

For my diet, I am beginning to follow Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet. It isn't a diet but a guide to eating right. So far it is going well, nothing is restricted except sugar and sweets and gratuitous fats.

I'll start from today on blogging it all down.

8:00 AM: 1 serving of Optiumum Power Cereal with Soymilk. 1 Cup Coffee

9:00 AM: 1 cup Green Tea (no sugar, milk or honey)

11:00AM: Egg whites with spinach, Salt and pepper. Microwaved, so no additional butter or grease. 1 (small, smaller than my palm) loggers roll (with crusted oat top) with spinach and turkey. 1/2 cup of Peppermint Chocolate Soymilk heated for dessert (it tastes like a mint mocha!).

At work the women have stated that Monday is the Diet Start Date, so today the office is full of brownies, cookies, muffins, etc. I have yet to touch them. I would consider it a great success if I could go the whole day and not eat any sweets (other than my peppermint milk which did have sugars).

I have always tried to eat small multiple meals a day but I didn't know exactly what to eat. I would end up very hungry and eventually binge. Since I've started this plan, I stay fuller longer and when I go to bed at night I don't feel deprived. My meals have gotten healthier and more adventurous. It gets old to eat chicken breast and cottage cheese five times a day so I'm willing to try new things. Tofu is fun to cook with. I made an awesome tofu chili the other day and mixed this wonderful brown rice with it.

Tonight I have to work out. That is the one area that has slipped recently. I just am pressed for time and when I go into the gym and its packed, I shorten my workout. January is a horrible time to decide to get in shape, I don't know why people do it. I love going to the gym, I get cranky if I miss a day or two. Every January I always lose my motivation. I don't want to stand in line to wait for a machine. February-December, I have no problem. But January! Forget it. I understand why I've gained weight this month.

That rambled. Will post again after gym tonight.

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