Monday, May 4, 2009

Whether I like it or not, tight pants are indeed in my future.

So, behold! I'm impregnated.

I got the peddles of my bike changed for the meantime, rather than falling over as I often do...

And I'm bloated all the time.

Got a new Suunto sport watch.

Got internet!!!!

And a bad ass monitor.


Stephen Paulk-McGinley said...

good to see you back, had missed hearing your updates. grats on the bun in oven

So you really took off the locking pedals?????

kalonkakon said...

Yes I did take them off. But I will put them back on once I sprout.

Went on my first bike ride today since fining out I was pregnant. It was great, we went about 7 miles and then I ate a fried chicken sammich with cheese...

How are you guys doing?

Jennifer Paulk-McGinley said...

We are doing pretty nifty. We went for a 20-mile ride this evening. Would have been better if I wasn't feeling sickly...but I suppose if you can do 7 miles while pregnant, I really should shut the hell up and stop complaining. hehehe.

So...when do you find out if you are having a Darrell Jr. or a Melinda Jr.?