Friday, July 24, 2009

Tomorrow's Bike Ride

So...Darrell has his new bike. To celebrate we are going to go on a bike ride tomorrow morning. I plan to do only 15 miles and I know that isn't much to those of you who do 20 miles after work, but guess what? I'm pregnant and getting slow. Blahhahahahaha

And I eat alot.

I'll post later about how it went. Should be smooth because I got a tune up on my bike that I never got after the first month of riding. And Darrell should be speedier than he was on the hybrid so that'll make the ride more pleasurable. Then I plan to come home and make breakfast and nap. Wooooo.

On the baby front:
-I have my big ultrasound Tuesday at 8AM. If I can figure it out I will post a cute picture, because babies are just damned cute.
-I discovered baby registries which is like shopping without spending money. Oh but I walk out of the store empty handed. The satisfaction, however, of tagging barcodes with a handy dandy machine replaces the need to buy things.
-I have started to buy things like diapers, wipes, onesies, and miscellaneous stuff. I bought a baby bath tub today, a two packs of Luvs, and an extra pack of wipes, and 6 onesies.
-Debating the best baby bottle. WTF? I used to debate the best beer.
-I want a beer.

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Jennifer Paulk-McGinley said...

No beer, it'll make your baby have an odd shaped head.